Not all textile engineers or sample houses are the same. We fashion the future, bringing art, science, and strategic functionality together by empowering our clients through innovation that is real.

Our founders are accomplished problem solvers that thrive on unique challenges. The state of the art studio, which we created with our clients' needs in mind, is a completely confidential environment.

Fabdesigns has been in business since 1988, and throughout our existence, we have consistently achieved the most difficult fabrications imagined, providing functional design expertise, global experience, and efficient engineering of what we do extremely well as masters of 3D integrated knit technology. All is executed with no cutting, minimal sewing, and nearly zero waste. This has been our life's work, not just a recent development.

Our passion is being an incubator of cutting edge design, engineering, and CAD for flat knit, 3D, and performance smart fabrics. We collaborate with many of the most pioneering companies around the world, blending their brand DNA with our unique approach and techniques to create some of the most innovative products on earth, and beyond.

Textile science is our first language, and we speak design, lean production, and engineering with fluency. Every project is planned meticulously with production in mind. Building the entire process from the fiber up is our forte, optimizing production capacity, building supply chains, developing design feasibilities and operations plans. We provide consulting to our clients, their manufacturing partners and vendors, creating extreme textiles effectively and efficiently to build the infrastructure aligning all processes of manufacturing, to successfully commercialize advanced technical textiles.

Meet Our Team

  • Bruce Huffa
  • An alumnus from Hinckley Poly-Tech in the UK and a world-class certified flat knitting master from one of the most prominent machine builders. He is a master of adapting machinery for more than 25 years, including programming elite, and electronics analytics, and has created intellectual property for several global brands. Since the early 80's his speciality has always been 3 dimensional shaped structures with minimal or no sewing that integrate multiple yarns and strategic textures. He has set up or improved production in knitting factories all over the world on many types of machinery and assists clients to the right tools for each project among the elite machine builders Shima, Steiger (Cixing), and Stoll. He excels in top projects for aerospace, medical and industrial textiles. He has more than six patents in footwear alone. The most difficult complex and impossible is made possible. Currently he is working on smart fabrics with electro-stimulation, and bio-reactive materials.

  • Connie Huffa
  • A textile engineer, is an alumnus from The Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science, where she was also an adjunct professor of textiles in the Master's program. She's built a solid reputation for first to market success stories in several markets from luxury knitted apparel to extreme environment aftermarket automotive applications, refined home and office, all with highly technical textile applications and after treatments spanning a multitude of textile machinery and manufacturing engineering best practices. Her advanced 'fiber upward' textile materials focus has been utilized by several major companies, including Shell, Kraco, and most recently Ossur in its' medical textiles, and prosthetic applications, to which she has several patents, and patents pending. Comfort, anatomically correct compression, protective support structures, elastomers inlays kinetics, and ease of use for compliance is her specialty. Currently, she is working on photovoltaic and conductive fabrications.