Our Services

Fabdesigns facility is a confidential textile, knit and product engineering innovation center with proven success and real business experience. We create advanced flat knitted solutions, components and materials. Our clients' success ranges from start-ups to Fortune 100's, creating highly technical projects first to market.

What good is a sample if the focus is only making one?

Our focus is unique in the world. Putting clients' goals first and optimizing samples to reflect real production parameters we save you time and money while making practical use of your company's resources to build your IP portfolio. You may have a short term need of rapidly entering a market, with long term goals of leading that market. Getting your sample on budget is important, but getting your production speed at optimum is critical to the success of your product, and ultimately, your business. We have thorough mastery of state-of-the-art of industrial knit technology & performance fabrications. Our techniques can save 25% or more on production time, over WYSIWYG off the shelf software from the machine builders. This is real money saved. We also have technical knowledge that is rare and not taught very often in today's digital design world.

Programming evolution from the beginning of programming Apple, Sirix, and M1+

Machine knowledge from generations of mechanicals, circulars to state of the art ADF

3D knitting, 4D structures, smart fabrications

Textile science - polymers, yarns, structures, and after processes

We specialize in helping you drive innovation confidentially. We build the product at the same time we're knitting the fabric. Our core capabilities most in demand are technical knitted textile development with optimized manufacturing processes combined with textile engineering and business planning.

What won't I find anywhere else?

We create advanced flat knitted solutions, components, and materials. This is not just making a sample. Building IP from the fiber up is how we approach R&D. The product is built at the same time the fabric is knitted, so pre planning is critical in knit engineering, fabric technology, yarns, pattern making, production optimization, and materials engineering. Our clients own their product IP completely. We globally source fiber, yarn and fashion markets, attend international trade shows with technical eyes & have extreme expertise in fabric finishing, styling, print, dye, construction, embellishment techniques, pattern making, markers, CAD systems and many inter-related fields that affect the success of your product. Some of our core capabilities to help you build a robust platform:

Lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, mass production, and mass customization

Complex product development, integrated flat knit engineering

Supply chain structuring, production infrastructure, sourcing manufacturing partners

Focused training of our clients, staff, manufacturing partners on their products

What services do you offer?

Product Development

Flat Knit Engineering

Focused Advanced Training


Business / Product / Operations planning assistance

Production Placement (US, Mexico, Asia, Europe, South America)

How does it work?

We develop in a typical stage gate system:

Phase 1) Developing Materials and Structures

Phase 2) First Prototype

Phase 3) Commercialization

We scope out and customize every project with a realistic timeline, budget, resources needed, and action items. We invoice deliverables based on that quote. And, all work is done in house, with as many of your team here as you want / need for onsite Q&A, and on the spot collaboration. We have many clients some know exactly what they want and other are 100,000 feet up. We bring their vision to reality.


This is completely your project and no other client is in our building while you are here. Your work goes with you and any notes or left overs are completely out of site and secure. No one sees anything until you want. You own your product, not us.

What are your rates?

We have very reasonable professional rates for Product Development and are sensitive to the fact that fees need to depend on the services required and the degree of involvement required. Some projects require simple labor only. Some require working on your equipment in your facilities. Other projects require that we provide machine time, all equipment, materials, training, engineering, travel and other expenses. But don't worry. We'll break it all down in your consulting agreement quote. We don't charge for the initial conversation. We don't publish our rates online, but would be more than happy to discuss them with you over the phone so we can fine tune to what you actually need and send you the correct information.

Costs of development will vary based on:

-If a client has its' own machinery

-Has its own yarns

-Has its own stitches chosen

-A detailed design brief

-Manufacturing chosen (We'd need to know what machines the facility has, if not we work with the machine builders to send you a list of companies with adequate machinery.) It's up to the clients to vet them for their own supply chain purposes.