Product Development

Fabdesigns provides full service product development on state-of-the-art industrial equipment and sometimes we modify stock machines to be super machines.

Technical Training

Both our textile engineers have taught at University level and are available to provide indepth techncal training.

Materials Sourcing

Fabdesigns works with materials suppliers, extruders, tool makers, molding, foam suppliers and other component vendors.

Materials Development

Fabdesigns developes materials for many industries including: aerospace, medical, military, footwear, extreme sports, and more.


Fabdesgins offeres in-house production of many technical projects, small runs, salesmen samples, validations, and testing samples.

Smart Prototyping

Fabdesigns focuses on manufacturing from the beginning.  

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Now Offering Knitting Seminars

Individual or group classes.   We offer 1 : 1 Q&A sessions on polymers, fibers, fabrics, and manufacturing systems.  Private classes also available.

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