Fabdesigns, Inc. Extreme 3D knitting

Now Offering Knitting Seminars

Individual or group classes.   We offer 1 : 1 Q&A sessions on polymers, fibers, fabrics, and manufacturing systems.  Private classes also available.

Work and fun in the knitting EXTREME

What we do best


What we're known for?  Advanced textiles: We create integrated footwear uppers and components, using extreme 3D knitting with nearly zero waste like no one else.  

Smart Textiles

We integrate circuits, capacitors and conductive materials


Integrated 3D fabrications are light weight 

and nearly zero waste

Private Seminars

Sharing textile knowledge helps teams grow and innovate

Medical Products

Building to ISO13485


Building on-demand  saves materials, resources and profit


Our clients are seeking: textile graduates with machine experience and qualified machine technician on Stoll, Shima, or Steiger.  Contact us.


A FREE call to our textile engineers may help you save time in understanding which type of machinery is right for your project: flat, warp, circular, seamless, woven, lamination, etc.

Need a machine

We'll use our network to help you find the correct spec of machine for your projects.  Quality used machinery saves GREEN.  We're a certified Stoll brand installer.

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