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Successful innovation follows a systematic process of identifying user needs, generating ideas, testing, research, and iteration. At Fabdesigns, Inc.,  you will be inspired by possibilities, rethink creativity, and see your users' wants in a new light, as your first step in creating your own unique systematic innovation process that will be both a toolbox for stimulating creativity internally at your company, a platform for building cutting edge new manufacturing processes with your vendors, but also a multi-level methodology for defining and solving problems, using integrated textile technology with inherently nearly zero waste.

An alumnus from Hinckley Poly-Tech in the UK and a world-class certified flat knitting master from o

Bruce Huffa LCG

About Bruce


An alumnus from Hinckley Poly-Tech in the UK and a world-class certified flat knitting master from one of the most prominent machine builders, including the mentor-ship of Thomas Stoll. Bruce is a master of adapting machinery for more than 25 years, including programming elite, and electronics analytics, and has created intellectual property for several global brands. Since the early 80's his specialty has always been 3 dimensional shaped structures with minimal or no sewing that integrate multiple yarns and strategic textures. He has set up or improved production in knitting factories  using all makes, models and generations of mechanical and electronic knitting machinery all over the world, and assists clients to the right tools for each project among the elite machine builders Shima, Steiger (Cixing), and Stoll. He excels in top projects for aerospace, medical and industrial textiles. He has more than a hundred patents in footwear alone.   He has successfully planned, executed, set up factories, manufacturing processes, and supply chains all over the world, including installing hundreds of machines himself, and training staff on programming, knitting, machine handling, QA and QC for their own success. He's an international consultant, creating specialized programs and in house courses for many brands and manufacturing partners around the world. His focus is the most difficult complex and impossible is made possible. He never says can't.  Currently he is working on smart fabrics with electro-stimulation, and bio-reactive materials.

Textile Engineer

Bruce is a certified knitting engineer, and former instructor for North America.


Connie Huffa

About Connie

Over 30 years, she’s built a solid reputation for  building 'fiber upward' textile materials focus, infrastructure, supply chains, and cutting edge product development processes for first to market launch success stories in several markets from mass customized designer knitted apparel, to extreme environment aftermarket automotive applications for Shell Oil and Kraco, refined home goods, and medical for Ossur, footwear, sporting goods, and has several patents and patents pending.   She is an industry writer and contributor (Knitting Trade Journal, Knitting Industry, Textile World, Advanced Textiles Source, Specialty Fabrics Review, Textile innovations), an  International Consultant and Conference Speaker on innovation and textile technology (IFAI, Techtextile, ANPIC, CITME, TTI Vanguard), and has developed customized in-house technical innovation workshops for many fortune 500 brands around the world. She is also a mentor in the Make it In LA program in Los Angeles and has been written about in Forbes, Voyage LA, IFAI, and others. Currently, she is working on photovoltaic, conductive, and smart fabrications

Textile Engineer

 Connie Huffa, a textile engineer and principal of Fabdesigns, Inc., is an alumna from The Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science, where she was also an adjunct professor of textiles in the master’s program.