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 Is Technology the Great Equalizer? 

When is a bag more?


 How do we choose a bag? 

Touch Quantified


Is the next generation of products touch guaranteed?

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On-Demand Manufacturing


 Over the last few years, there has been a shift in the way new products are brought to market.  It seems more and more sales are moving on-line, leaving retailers holding dramatic amounts of unsold inventory.   Maybe fast fashion has run its course? 

Mass Customization


 Mass-customization in flat knitting has been around since the advent of computerized knitting machines in our industry.  It is profitable if it is done correctly and no two companies fit the same mass-customization model. 

Just Make Make Me A Prototype?



In creating flat knitted products, we are creating the fabric at the same time as our product.  Creating advanced textiles and 3D knitting is absolutely NOT like making sweaters. Even the knitting machines are not quite the same.

$$$ on the Production Table?


How much money are you leaving on the Production table?  The answer may surprise you.

Is 3D Knitting Worth It?


 Many people confuse 3D knitting with 3D printing. Knitting is additive manufacturing, but there are so many more variables. 



We spend a lot of time developing products.  But in terms of sustainability, what's your exit strategy?

The Most Expensive Words?


 Along with Moore’s rule, computers, and the machine parts they govern, have grown quicker, smaller, and more precise 

3D Shoes


Are there really big the differences in time and waste making shoe uppers in 3D?

Where are the Wearables?


 What happened to all that wearable tech apparel we were promised for the last several years?  

3D Wearables?


 Mapping added strength, stretch, compression, and dimensionally stable regions, we knit each piece while also including wiring or conductive materials that are easily built into the fabric. digitally 

What are Smart Materials?


How smart are Smart materials?   The words “Smart textiles”, “Smart Fabrics” or “Smart Materials” are as over used as “Wearable Tech” and include many categories.  

Learn Knitting Basics?


Are you ready for better design, better manufacturing, but you don't know where to go to get the know-how to control your knit products?

Now Offering Knitting Seminars

Individual or group classes.   We offer 1 : 1 Q&A sessions on polymers, fibers, fabrics, and manufacturing systems.  Private classes also available.